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buying guide: a guide to products when you HAVE to buy something

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pick up a stone
february 2005

All Bets Are Off
Portland, OR
May 2004

  current journeys:

2008: I am back in the US, and working for KBOO community radio in portland, oregon.

Most recent adventures (click on links to read the travel journals):

jan - dec 2006:
in palestine working with the international middle east media center

sept - dec. 2005:
in new orleans doing hurricane relief work with common ground relief

Winter 2004-5:
Volunteering in Palestine Dec 2004 - Feb. 2005 with the International Middle East Media Center.
listen to audio reports  | view pictures

Early Fall 2004:
The Cycle Circus of Impending Doom -- biking around New England

Summer 2004:
Cyclownin' around the midwest with the The WaCky Waterwheelin' WaLLeYes CyCLE CirCuS and Revue...

Winter 2003-2004:
Central America with the Pastors for Peace: Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador

Summer 2003:
The Flying Rutabaga Cycle Circus carried me off through the cornbelt by bicycle

Winter 2002 - 2003:
Chiapas, Mexico and El Salvador